The Challenges and Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in Education


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest wonders of the 21st century. It involves the use of machines and algorithms to solve problems. We use AI in almost every area of our endeavor. 

One of the areas where Artificial Intelligence finds its application is in schools. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have created big advantages in academia. It helps to lessen the workload on students and teachers. 

Students face enormous stress due to assignments and often need essay help services. They would often ask the question: “Could I pay someone to write my essay?”, and the answer is yes! Technology and Artificial intelligence have connected the globe in a way that you can hire writer services. 

Conversely, the use of AI in the school system has also raised concerns. Read further as we examine Artificial Intelligence issues and related agitation with respect to education.


AI Is Helpful For Students with Disabilities

This is one of the biggest benefits of artificial intelligence in education. Some students are physically disabled. Others have psychological learning abilities. 

AI makes it possible to teach these kinds of children in their comfort zone. It also helps them to learn and assimilate at a slower and good pace. Speech recognition computer programs help pupils with writing difficulties to transcribe words.

Personalized Learning for Students

The landscape of the educational curriculum is shifting in this regard. Schools are moving from general classroom learning to a more personalized style. Not everyone learns at the same pace. AI systems can collect data on a student’s overall performance. 

This kind of data will help the AI software to draw insights into a student’s strengths or weaknesses. Teachers and academic instructors can take note of the areas to help each student. At the end of the pipeline, young people can improve their strengths and work on their weak spots.

Quick Essay and Exam Grading

This is one of the best opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in education for teachers and instructors. It is not an easy task to sit down for hours to grade 1000 essays. Over time, fatigue and human error begin to set in. Such is not the case with Artificial Intelligence. 

Machine learning and pattern recognition help computer systems to grade an exam properly. Artificial Intelligence helps to handle repetitive tasks and reduce redundancy.

Students Can Ask More Questions

University class sessions are not usually long. Most of the time, lecturers are not able to pass across the required knowledge to their students. AI-powered platforms can help students reach out to their tutors and ask questions. Also, some students are shy to ask questions in crowded places. 

Others are scared of the criticism of asking foolish questions among their peers. Artificial Intelligence can tackle these concerns.


It Is Expensive

The installation cost of AI tools is high. Leaders of the education ministry cannot sustain enough funds to maintain them in the long run. As technology continues to improve, installed AI systems also need upgrades to match up to standard. 

If you understand how fast technology is moving, you will realize that that is a serious task. Automated systems also require a great level of care and maintenance. There is a significant cost associated with that as well.

Cyber-Attack and Hacking

This is one of the most popular concerns about Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence systems contain a lot of data. This sort of database could contain vital information about teachers, students, and the administration. 

Artificial Intelligence systems are not perfect. Hackers can find their way into such systems and leak private info to the public. The base way to curb this is to install data protection software. 

Reduction of Human Interaction and Unemployment

When the efficiency of AI systems is high enough, schools will begin to look for ways to cut down costs. Many school staff begin to lose their jobs. Artificial Intelligence can take over a reasonable percentage of administration. 

Massive unemployment is not a good thing for a country’s economy. Also, artificial intelligence in a school system means less human interaction. Physical connection plays a big role in our development as human beings. AI systems will make us too dependent on technology.


Artificial Intelligence is no longer science fiction. It has become the reality before our very eyes. AI and education go hand in hand in our present world.  The presence of Artificial Intelligence in education has its pros and cons. 

If we examine this issue closely, we can conclude that the benefits of Artificial Intelligence outweigh its disadvantages. However, the best solution is to create a hybrid college system that comprises humans and AI. 

AI tools don’t have to replace physical interaction completely. It should just serve as a tool to simplify the job of students, instructors, and the administration. This is the most sustainable solution in the long run.

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