Touch Sense Phone is All About the Touchscreen and Health Features

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Now that we’re done with stylish phones and gaming phones, let’s go back to a more basic view. Today we got our hands on a few renders of a device called Touch-Sense, that focuses on a big touchscreen area and heath features.

touch sense health phone concept  (3)

This model has a camera that performs a “bio scan” to check your health. The creation of Ben Ingignieri, this device replaces standard interaction of any kind with the touch one. Gone are the volume buttons, power button and such things, all replaced by touch screen gestures. We’ve also got a screen at the back, around the camera, focused on the health features.

touch sense health phone concept  (5)

Touch-Sense has a built in sensor and monitor that works with the camera and Internet and detects internal health problems, including heart-based ones. The facade features a curved touchscreen, making the device look very stylish. While this may be a boon for hospitals, the handset looks a bit thick and may only be destined for a niche public, doctors mainly or germophobes.

It also seems to have dual speakers at the top of the front side and big Home button, possibly with a fingerprint scanner. While the designer didn’t detail the “health sensors”, I’d be happy with blood pressure monitoring, blood O2 sat, pulse, glucose and maybe even white cell count.

touch sense health phone concept  (4)touch sense health phone concept  (1)

touch sense health phone concept  (2)

[via Yanko Design]

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