Why and How do you use eSIMs on iPhone?

Non-physical SIMs can be considered one of the latest innovations. Many people are still confused about the way it functions. However, it can significantly improve your communication and how you use your phone. There are many advantages of using mobile data instead of a regular wi-fi connection. Download the eSIM Plus app by ESimPlus and try it yourself. 

What is eSIM by ESimPlus?

It works like a regular physical SIM card but it’s not attached to any particular region or local provider. It doesn’t have any physical embodiment. It is pre-installed on your phone. To get a eSIM you need to download the app and get an account. You can manage all of your settings and make payments right there.

The advantages of eSIMs

Use worldwide

One of the main cons of local providers is that you can use your mobile data, make calls and send SMS only while you stay in the country you live in. While traveling, you can only do this with the help of roaming. The plans are usually pretty expensive and the number of calls and texts is limited. Nevertheless, there are no limitations if you use eSIM. It is available worldwide.

Financial flexibility 

Compared to roaming, eSIM plans are really affordable. You get an unlimited number of calls, SMS and mobile data for a flexible price with no fees. It’s difficult to take track of your expenses when you don’t know exactly how much you pay for the services. ESIMs are always pre-paid and the price is fixed. It means that you will always be aware of your spendings.

Virtual Phone Number

Getting eSIMs gives you the opportunity to get your own virtual phone number. This phone number isn’t connected to any regional providers. However, it has all of the functions typical phone numbers usually have. You can send and receive calls and messages freely. Your friends and relatives can call you even if they have a regular phone number. You can also use this opportunity to sign up on different websites and apps anonymously and get all the necessary confirmation codes. 

Availability and compliance 

Physical SIM cards can only be used on your phone. In general, it can only function by being installed on one device. While the eSIM data is stored in the cloud. It means that you can use it from any device you want with the help of cloud technology. What is more, different types of IOS usually require different sizes of SIM cards. For example, iPhones require a micro-SIM card. ESIM complies with any device.


The majority of popular devices, iPhones, for example, don’t usually support two SIM cards. However, many people need more than one number. Especially for business purposes. You can get as many digital numbers as you need or want. You can easily sort all of your professional and personal calls and messages.

Full-time support

If you have problems with your physical SIM card, you have to go to your local service center and try to solve your issues. However, contacting actual support is pretty difficult. If you have a eSIM, you can rely on a 24/7 support team who will try to resolve all of your issues immediately.


It is one of the safest ways of communication. All of your calls and messages are encrypted and nobody has access to them besides you. You can rely on the security system and feel free and assured that all of your data is protected.

No physical damage

There are certain risks connected to having a physical SIM card. It can get lost or broken pretty easily. However, this will be enough to leave you without the opportunity to call someone or send them a message. ESIM is absolutely safe when it comes to the risks of physical damage. It is fully digital. It will never get broken or lost, just because it’s already ingrained in your phone.

ESIM is one of those technologies which is meant to make our lives much more convenient. It makes us much less dependable on physical objects. There are a lot of advantages to digital numbers and it’s incredibly easy to install and use. 

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