Why You Shouldn’t Be Charging Your Phone Overnight

It is a widespread opinion that phones should not be left connected to a power supply for long hours, especially during the night. But why is that? What’s the logic behind it? Is it even a fact, or is it just a myth made up by our parents? To many people’s surprise, forgetting to turn the charging switch on or accidentally leaving your mobile data working is not the worst that could happen. In fact, I usually am a bit careless when it comes to taking care of my Spectrum mobile data and leaving it on most of the time. But I avoid charging my phone overnight. And you know what, phone companies like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei also recommend you that. So, do you want to know why? Here are three of the most significant reasons why it is a bad idea to leave your phone charging overnight: 

#1. 100% Battery Is Not Your Goal

According to the most popular smartphone companies, the goal should be to keep your phone adequately charged, not fully charged up to 100%. According to Apple, the battery health of an iPhone can be affected if it remains fully charged for extended lengths of time. Similarly, Samsung and other Android phone companies state that leaving your phone connected to a charger overnight or for long hours is a bad idea. Huawei suggests that you keep your phone’s battery level near 30% to 70%. So, generally, all smartphone manufacturing companies suggest that you keep the phone’s battery around the middle. Both high and low extremes should be avoided.  

#2. Your Battery Life Will Be Affected 

Smartphones have a lithium-ion battery, and these batteries charge themselves faster than conventional ones. When we plug our Android or iPhone smartphones into their charges, it only takes them about 2 hours to charge fully. When we leave these phones charging overnight, we are increasing their exposure time with the charger and electricity. This way, we degrade the battery’s capacity in a much faster way. When one buys a new phone, the battery will start to decay the minute they start using it. It means that over time and with increased usage, these batteries will eventually lose their capability to hold a charge. And when you let our smartphones charge overnight, you will quicken the battery’s aging process. 

#3. The Phone Might Blow Up

You see, when lithium is fully charged, the charging stops. This means that when your phone will reach 100%, the charging will stop, and it will fall to 99% in a few minutes. Once the battery level falls, it will continue to charge again and go back to 100% since it is connected to the charger. This cycle will continue for quite a while, and it is called trickle charging. 

Trickle charging can significantly damage your battery, but they also generate quite a lot of heat. This heat can be dangerous and can lead to your phone overheating. When the smartphone reaches excessive heights of temperatures, that’s when a smartphone can potentially blow up, damaging items and people around it. Apart from that, if your phone is under your pillow, high temperatures can make you very uncomfortable while you sleep. And lastly, an overheated phone can even damage low-quality cables and wires attached to the charger. 

What Should You Do?

So, if you are not to leave your phone to charge overnight, what is it that experts suggest? Here are some things that you can do to make sure that your phone’s battery lasts longer. 

  • Instead of waiting for your phone’s battery to hit 0%, plug it into the charger when it’s around 35 or 45%. Doing this preserves your phone’s battery life and slows down its aging process.
  • Keep your phones in cool temperatures. Avoid placing your charging smartphones in a room that is already hot. Ensure a sound ventilation system and air conditioning if necessary. 
  • Remove the case from your smartphone when you plug it into the charger. It is also recommended that you leave the phone charging on a coaster or a saucer while you are away. You can use any other metal as well to make sure that all the heat is dissipated. 


We have all been scolded for leaving our phones charging overnight at some point in our lives. However, as it turns out, it wasn’t just a myth and charging your phone overnight can be a horrible idea. Now that you know what you should and should not do, make sure you take more care in the future. It is recommended to charge your phone during the day while you’re awake. 

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