Word Document Recovery: Recover Unsaved, Deleted, or Lost Word Documents on Mac Easily

Microsoft Word is a famous and versatile word processor widely used for document creation including text editing, table processing, picture insertion, layout design, spelling and grammar check, and more. Based on the multi-functionalities of the Microsoft Word program, many users especially businessmen, teachers and students rely heavily on it because they need to spend time and effort creating the Word document to complete their daily tasks or just share it with others.  

However, they may encounter some unexpected situations in the process of using Microsoft Word, such as sudden power failure, Mac blue screen, Mac not turning on, system crash, mistaken deletion, accidental formatting, etc., which will lead to or cause Word document loss! So is there any effective method to recover a Word document on Mac? Let’s see how to restore unsaved, deleted, or lost Word files with some workable solutions in the following article to help you get missing files back!

How to Recover Unsaved, Deleted, or Lost Word Documents on Mac?  

Part 1 Unsaved Word Document Recovery: Recover Unsaved Word Files on Mac Using AutoRecovery

Microsoft Word for Mac offers an AutoRecovery feature that makes it possible for Mac users to recover their unsaved Word docs. Generally, the AutoRecovery function is enabled by default to save the open Word files for you every 10 minutes after the Microsoft Word for Mac app is successfully installed on your Mac machine. Hence, if you encounter sudden power failure or other uncontrollable cases that give you no time to save the Word doc you are editing, you can take help from the AutoRecovery tool.

Step 1 Locate the AutoRecover files by going to a new Finder window and inputting autorecovery in the search box. Then, all the files beginning with AutoRecovery save of will be presented in the Finder window.   

Step 2 Find the unsaved Word files you want to get back, and then open them in Microsoft Word for Mac by performing double-clicking on them.    

Step 3 Click the File menu and select the Save As option. In the pop-up window, set a new file name, pick a folder to save the Word docs, and hit the Save button. 

Part 2 Deleted Word Document Recovery: Get Deleted Word Files back from Mac Trash

All the deleted files can be stored in Mac Trash for up to 30 days. As long as you never manually empty Mac Trash or execute a permanent deletion command on the deleted Word docs, you can easily restore these deleted Word documents to their original locations from Mac Trash within 30 days.

Step 1 Click the Trash icon from the Mac Dock to open the Trash folder.

Step 2 Browse all the deleted files in the Trash folder to find out the deleted Word docs you need.  

Step 3 Do a right-click on your target Word documents and select Put Back to restore them to their original locations.


Part 3 Lost Word Document Recovery: Retrieve Lost Word Files on Mac Using Time Machine

Word files will get lost due to virus infection or mistaken formatting. If you have a Time Machine backup of your Word files, you will have no trouble in regaining lost Word files.

Step 1 Insert the Time Machine backup drive to your Mac port.

Step 2 Open the folder that has previously stored your lost Word docs.

Step 3 Start up the Time Machine program by clicking its icon situated in the top menu to select Enter Time Machine

Step 4 Look for the Word files you want to get back. Here, you can quickly locate the wanted items with the help of the timeline or the arrows.

Step 5 Choose the desirable Word documents and put them back to their original locations by clicking Restore.


Bonus Tip: Recover Deleted or Lost Word Documents with iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is a professional Word recovery tool developed to recover deleted or lost Word files from different storage devices, including HDDs, SSDs, SD cards, CF cards, USB drives, and so forth. Want to retrieve your deleted or lost Word files on Mac? Here is what you should go through:

Step 1 Download, install and launch iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac to select the drive in which your deleted or lost Word docs were located.   

Step 2 Check/Uncheck the Deep scan option to search for lost/deleted data and proceed with the scanning process by clicking the Scan button.

Step 3 Preview the scanning files to find out the deleted or lost Word docs you hope to retrieve. Tick the checkbox in front of the target files and finally initiate deleted or lost Word recovery by clicking Recover.



Although this post guides you on how to recover unsaved, deleted, or lost Word files, to avoid Word file loss, you’d better keep in mind some dos, including backing up important data regularly, enabling the AutoRecover function, running a reliable antivirus utility, or downloading professional data recovery software just like iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac device. Hopefully, these suggestions can help you prevent Word file loss in the future!

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