Jolla Mobile Concept Created by Shihuzaan

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As you probably know if you follow tech news, people have been leaving Nokia for a while now. The team formerly behind MeeGo and some other experts left Nokia and created Jolla, a startup that will create the Jolla OS, seen by many as the follow-up to Meego. Now Shihuzaan sent us his first concept of a Jolla mobile phone.

Jolla announced that it will reveal its first phone this year and many expect somehow for them to deliver some sort of Nokia N10. Well, moving on to our mockup, we find here a full touch device with the letter “J” etched on the front and used a notification LED. The device adopts a 3.9 inch LD display with 854 x 480 pixel resolution and supports USB OTG for charge, mass storage and sync. Other features include a microSD card slot, 8GB of storage, microSIM card slot and two loud speakers at the bottom.

At the back there’s an 8 megapixel camera with Full HD video capture and inside we have a dual core CPU with powerful GPU. Finally, we’ve got a 2 MP camera upfront and camera, volume and lock buttons on the right side. The handset’s design reminds me a bit of the Nokia C7 and it has a bit of a teardrop thing going on with its profile, which is cool.

[Thanks Shihuzaan]

  • Not really my taste. Reminds me more of a piece of soap than a mobile phone. Anyway: I want a hardware keyboard!

  • anand


  • Tom

    Virtually everyone I’ve seen make comments about MeeGo says they want a hardware keyboard, and I’m in agreement with them. By many accounts the N9 was a great device, but it was the N950 that I would’ve wanted to replace my N900. If Jolla’s first range of devices doesn’t have a hardware keyboard, they can expect slow adoption from their core market.

  • It is not only the Maemo/MeeGo/Jolla Fanboi-Crowd that craves for a phone with hardware keyboard.

    E.g. my mom wants a phone with a decent hardware keyboard for sending text messages. She currently uses an LG KS360. Recently, the battery started show its age and she thought about a new phone. I couldn’t really help because there virtually are none such phones anymore. Everything is touch now. =:o(

    If Jolla releases a phone with hardware keyboard, I’ll take two. One for my mom, one for me.

  • simon

    I am also hunting for a decent hardware keyboard. Nokia maps would also be extremely desirable, do you think Jolla could manage that?

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