Lumia 767 Imagined by Ihar Novik, is Fancy but Not Practical

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I have a feeling I’ve seen this Lumia concept somewhere before, but anyway let’s get to the goods. The Lumia 767 concept below was created by Ihar Novik from Minsk, Belarus and while it look fancy and elegant, it’s not exactly practical.

Microsoft Lumia 767 render 1

Inspiration came from a Nokia 7610, with the format being similarly curved in opposite directions at the top and bottom. This time there are no buttons included (by the way the original included them in a very strange fashion, right?). Instead we get Windows Phone/Windows 10 on the handset and curved side edges, plus a back side that feels like the one of the LG G4.

Microsoft Lumia 767 render 2

So, we may end up with a nice curved glass edge + leather combo, that has yet to be applied out there. Seeing how the back camera doesn’t have a flash and the screen seems to have a low resolution, this may just be something like a Lumia 5xx than a Lumia 7xx. Would this be comfy? You can see the original model below, the Nokia 7610.

Microsoft Lumia 767 render 3


[via Behance]

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