Lumia 888 Design Gets Rendered by #bugr

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Well, don’t we just love it when we open up the inbox and see a concept we don’t what to make of? This is also the case of the Lumia 888 concept phone, that was rendered by #bugr.

Lumia 888 concept 1

It doesn’t feel like a finalized phone, but rather like a teaser. To me, this device has a Microsoft Surface Phone vibe, so to speak. The handset seems to be made of metal, but a specially crafted metal, that feels like plastic or maybe wood. I imagine Windows 10 is here and the lack of a flash near the back camera baffles me. Forget what I said about the teaser, this feels more like a sketch of a phone than a concept.

Lumia 888 concept 2

Rounded edges are present here and the lower side port has me wondering… It’s not a microUSB or USB Type C, because it’s so wide. Could it be the failed USB 3.1 from the Galaxy Note 3? Any more guesses?

[via #bugr]

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