Microsoft Lumia 2000 is Made of Aluminum or 16K Gold, Runs Windows 10 Mobile

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I have seen my share of Microsoft Lumia concept phones, but this is probably the first model that runs Windows 10 Mobile, under this name of the OS I mean. Also, it’s probably the first Lumia that also has a 16 karat gold version.

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 1

The creation of Jonas Kvale, the handset is built using aluminum in its original version and 16K gold in the second one. The concept Lumia 2000 involves a 16 megapixel back camera with dual LED flash and a 5 inch Full HD screen, plus an 8 megapixel front facing camera. The phone also has 2 GB of RAM, a 2700 mAh battery and Windows 10 Mobile as the OS.

There’s 32 GB of storage here and from what I see there’s an USB Type C port at the bottom. The Fabula Design seems pretty much unchanged, albeit with narrow bezels. The Lumia 2000 has a pretty narrow and elongated design, maybe even a bit too long for a modern phone. I like the green-ish hue of the golden version, that probably would look fantastic live.

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 2

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 3

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 4

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 5

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 6

Microsoft Lumia 2000 concept 7

[via Behance]

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