Nokia 10 Teaser is Here, With That Amazing Camera of Course (Video)

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The Nokia 10 has been the talk of the town lately, as it leaked via a variety of sketches and even a render or two. It was revealed it would introduce a penta lens camera this year, which means it uses a camera module with 5 sensors. Concept Creator gives it a go and created the teaser below.

He’ll surely unveil the finalized Nokia 10 over the next days, but for now we have glimpses of the device. The designer actually switched to a new graphics program, which will allow him to create smoother models. I see there’s a 2.5D glass panel upfront and at the back there’s a huge camera module, in the vein of the Lumia 1020. I couldn’t get an exact glimpse of the whole cam, but from what I’ve heard it has a rotating part that flips the sensors for extra zoom in front of the two main ones.

I see that Concept Creator also put a dual camera out front and an USB Type-c at the bottom (no surprise here). Also no surprise is the predicted 18:9 aspect ratio and narrow bezel screen. Getting back to the iconic Lumia 1020 design may have its drawbacks, like associating with a dead OS. However if those 5 cameras are truly visible, the device would easily stand out of the crowd.

It’s all guess work right now, so we’re waiting for the final model!

[via Concept Creator]

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