Nokia 2030 Cellphone Features an Illuminated Touch Keypad

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Here’s the Nokia cellphone concept of 2030, in case you wanted a taste of the future… Created by Jim Chan, the Nokia 2030 features a scratch-resistant finished body, plus a full color display and an illuminated touch keypad.

Fast messaging is the purpose of this unit and we learn that the phone measures 2 x 4.75 x 0.25 inches and attaches colored films at the rear, to change its color. Polished titanium is the choice of metal for the case area that protects the screen. This handset looks like some sort of futuristic keycard that grants access to a high tech facility and we bet it’ll have e-wallet features and a transparent UI.

[via The Design Blog]

  • moiz

    i like this mobile

  • Sam

    Wow man i love this mobile, can someone give me a link to win this for free

  • Andrea Ann Dy

    WOW O.O I have never seen a phone like these. ever.

  • Danielle

    So cool!

  • Ali

    I really like the design and function also of nokia 2030. i really love it

  • what is solution nokia swech problem

  • Fahim

    Hello , i wanted to know the price of “Nokia 2030″
    And i wanted to know where can i buy this phone in
    SriLanka” better to respond to my message as soon
    As posdible. Or send me a mail” thank you

  • belinda acebedo

    wow… i love this N2030 cellphone… do you have this model in the Philippines?

  • jibraj

    owoo i like this phone consept i will wait for this celophone. but i need full spicifisition as soon as possible.

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  • gews_pls

    ‘Concept’ is a keyword here

  • Anonymous


  • GuyWithThePie

    You guys are so dumb. Can’t you read? This phone is a concept, and sadly has been since 2010. Yeah, I want this phone too. It looks really cool. But unfortunately it will probably never exist until sometime in the future when people will be making phones like this.

  • annie mushtaq

    woooow its really good cellphone can you plizzzzzzzzzzz tell the cost of nokia 2030

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  • mujushah

    really great one please let me know the price

  • Ndoro

    A wonderful phone

  • anas

    hi , can i pleas get Nokia 2030, here in my country Nairobi kenya?

  • manjunatharao

    really good cellphone i whant can you pliz tell me 2030 mobli cost.