Nokia 8 Windows Phone 8 Mockup is: Big, Thin, Elegant

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Tobias Pankraz imagine the future of Windows Phone 8 devices and created the Nokia 8 WP8 mockup, that you can see below. This is a sharp handset, with rectangular lines and a slab modern metals thrown into a tight shell. The phone has a very discrete camera and an elegant allure, so good job Tobias!

Nokia 8 runs Windows Phone 8, with those smaller tiles, medium tiles and wider, bigger tiles. There’s a 12 megapixel camera at the back and the device has at the bottom the audio jack, the microUSB port and a speaker grille, a design that may remind you of the iPhone 5. Up at the top there’s the earpiece and on/off button, while on the side we have the camera button and the volume buttons. The display is brilliantly integrated into the rectangular case of the Nokia WP8 concept.

If I were to speculate, I’d say this is a 7 mm thick smartphone, with a dual core processor, a 4.5 inch HD display, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. The bezel of the device is extremely thin, almost non existing, fitting with the idea of ClearBlack Display. So, do you fancy this design, or is it too thin?

[via Tobias Pankraz]

  • Shivam

    Sexy concept! Love the design

  • vvv


  • IF Nokia built this, their stock would sky rocket. NO Question! All “features” as side, if the design looks like an old iPhone or Samsung or even Nokia, they are done. Innovation drives this world, in design more that features. Why should I own it if it has no personality. Look at cars, it’s the good designs that sell first, and everything else is second.

  • Hall

    Without front camera?

  • Anonymous

    It has Windows phone 7!

  • wooooo….. its chocolate to my eyes… i wanna get it. sooooooonnnn. i dont care about configeration of this. but.. love it

  • Remy

    Thats hot! I wish phone developers showed some balls and come out with some fresh designs. They currently seem to be too scared to produce anything that looks remotely interesting.

  • Remy

    totally agree. i care more about the design than the features and functionality, since there are no real significant innovations on those in the last years anyway.

  • mujeeb thenkulam

    Very nice and good performance