Nokia 9 Pureview Beholder Render Pops Up Courtesy of Evan Blass

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2019 is expected to be the year of the foldable phone and the 5G devices, but it may well be Nokia’s year. They failed to have a real flagship in 2018, with the Nokia 9 constantly looming over our heads. Now the device is back, through a leak signed Evan Blass.

I’ll be the first to admit it: there’s no surprise here. The device packs a 5 camera setup at the back, plus a big flash and a special sensor, probably for depth. The face has a large chin and forehead, no notch and the general format reminds me of the Nokia 8, maybe also with some Lumia throwbacks. The case is all glass and metal, plus I expect OZO acoustics and a large front camera.

Dont’t be surprised if there’s a dual front camera, too. Frankly speaking Nokia needs a larger screen to body ratio and a more modern design. Somehow I’m digging the camera and the fact that the handset is not very bulky for such a setup. However if the camera is magnificent, I’d even tolerate the bulk.

[via Evan Blass]

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