Nokia 9900 Concept Pen Phone Features Stretchable Touch Display

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Forget about the , as that’s a mere cry baby, compared to the sexy concept below. The Nokia 9900 aims to deliver what the Finnish manufacturer has been trying to create for the past year, a perfect rival for the iPhone. However, we get more than we imagined: a pen phone with uber-features.


This pen phone comes with a stretchable touch panel, which will pretty much be your display and it’ll also be used as a viewfinder for the handset’s camera. The pen functions are all there, so you can write or draw any time you want, while the button on top of the device is used to control the phone.


I see “Microsoft” mentioned on the pics of the device, so there’s bound to be some Windows Mobile action under that cover. Also, the Nokia 9900 seems bundled with a hot headset, but the details are so scarce that we’ll have to be satisfied with assumptions, for now.

Update:  There’s no Windows Mobile action yet, but the concept draws its inspiration from Microsoft Surface, as translated by one of our readers. (Thanks Andy Fang)


[found on Flickr]