Nokia N Arc Handset Is the Nokia N9 Successor Everyone Wants

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A Nokia N9 successor, a so called Nokia N10 has been in the cards for many years now, with a ton of speculation and concepts around it. Today we go back to that idea, courtesy of a concept that Deviantart user Timblaer created. The device is called Nokia N Arc:

nokia n arc 1

In case you’re wondering, no, it’s not Nokia Narc, but N Arc. The designer claims he really likes the N9 model and the MeeGo Harmattan 1.2 OS, so he created a successor for it. This is MeeGo Harmattan 1.3, with all the swiping gestures you need. There’s enhanced security, a swipe-based UI and many more apps compared to the first release. The N Arc also features a 21 megapixel camera with 4K video capture, something that not even Pureview phones have.

We also get Zeiss lenses and the ability to shoot full HD slow motion videos at a crazy 480 FPS. Finally, the Nokia N Arc features a small bezel 4.95 inch Full HD display, with ClearBlack technology. The design is pretty similar to the N9’s only even more minimalistic and discrete.

nokia n arc 2

nokia n arc 3

[via Deviantart]

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  • manikandan

    I am Nokia pen’s waiting this nokia N arc

  • allen

    Guys i think 4.95 screen is too big. 4.5 for me is enough to fit in my pocket. I love using harmattan. Ill go for it once its released. Byebye android!

  • sudip

    Wow it was amazing…………

  • dean

    Is this just another tease & if not,why isn’t it available? Would really like to have this in my hands! Tnx