Nokia Conversations Asks the Community to Create the Smartphone Concept of the Future (Video)

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Nokia’s great with PR and marketing, but also with its communities, so recently we’ve been pleasantly surprised by an initiative called “Design by Community”. Started by Nokia Conversations, this initiative involves the design of a future concept smartphone, based on collective ideas.


The project will take place over the following months and people will be able to vote on features and capabilities each week. Once the specs are finalized, the winning design will be announced and turned into a design render. We have to mention that Nokia didn’t say anything about building the device, but they want to give us all a taste of product making.

You can have your say, either by commenting over here, or by voting specs like materials, size and shape, display and user interface, operating system, connectivity, camera and enhancements. Also, have a look at the video above, for some inside opinions and wishes of the Nokia Conversations team.

The coolest idea has got to be the one of the noise cancelling technology in reverse, allowing you to make private calls in public (without the people around hearing you).