Nokia HG-1 Uses Hourglass Design

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Nokia HG-1 is a new concept created by Conny Larsson, who imagined a hourglass design and the Maemo 5 desktop on board. There’s also the Android option for this device, that doesn’t seem quite pocket friendly, but rather something to put on the table or shelf.

This model is thicker at its lower and upper edges, while the center is slimmer and completely made of glass, incorporating the display. The same glass can transform semi transparent or opaque, according to the user’s preferences. There are also pressure sensitive sidebars on this model, that replace navigation buttons.

Strangely enough, the Nokia HG-1 comes with 3 microUSB ports, making us think of connecting to a PC, display and projector at the same time. A mini HDMI port is also on board and if you’re wondering about thickness, the bulkier sides could be about 10mm, while the slim side is about 3-4mm.

[via Mynokiablog]