Nokia N10 New Version Brings a Portrait QWERTY Keyboard in the Mix

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How about a touch and type Nokia N10 version, that brings not only a touchscreen display, but also a portrait QWERTY keyboard. The idea comes from Alberto, one of the guys in the Mynokiablog community. This is the Nokia concept number 30 produced by this community.

Nokia N10 touch and type resembles the E6 a bit and comes with a 2.46 inch display and adopts the polycarbonate body of the N9. This model will run either MeeGo Harmattan or Windows Phone, depending on the use’s choice. The keys look pretty comfortable and well spaced, I have to say and this could be a brilliant replacement for the E series devices.

Which one do you like better, the Windows Phone version or the MeeGo Nokia N10?

[via mynokiablog]