Nokia Lumia 3310 Brings the Nokia 3310 to 2014! (Video)

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It’s time for a fresh 2014 design from Bob Freking, a remaking of a classic actually. Who doesn’t know the Nokia 3310? I owned one, you probably owned one or knew someone who did. Now Bob decided to remake the device and turned it into a Nokia Lumia 3310, shown below.

nokia lumia 3310 render 1

We also have a video of the device, that apparently borrows the self healing trait from the LG G Flex. The handset has 4G LTE, the brand new Nvidia Tegra K1 processor and that trademark gray with blue hue that the original 3310 had. Bob Freking also promises a new version of Snake and the latest Windows Phone.

We’ve got a front 8 megapixel camera, a rear 23 MP Pureview cam and a 5 inch Full HD screen. Nokia Lumia 3310 also has rich recording, it’s extremely thin and durable and also has wireless charging and NFC. How cool is that?

Nokia Lumia 3310 render 2


[Thanks Bob Freking]

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