Nokia Lumia Xpress Music Phone Looks More Like a Communicator

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Deviantart member fabrivera99 created a Nokia Lumia Xpress Music concept and following this name, this should be a music phone. However, for some reason I find it to be more similar to a Communicator or to the Nokia N900 and N950, when it comes to the sliding keyboard at least.

The strange print of the keys makes me think they’re actually capacitive ones, although that doesn’t seem like a move that any phone maker would pull. I like those playback keys on the side, that seem really useful and also notice the old school physical Windows buttons at the bottom. Too bad that the device seems to run Windows Phone 7, with that wasted space on the screen, instead of using the full display area.

The only bad thing I can imagine about this Nokia Lumia Xpress Music handset is that it’s too narrow and thick to be appealing. An unusual diagonal would be something like 3.2 inches here, while a nice one would be 4 inches or even more, although the image doesn’t indicate that. I would use a dual core Snapdragon CPU on the device, 1 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and an 8 megapixel camera. Is there any room for sliding QWERTY Nokia phones nowadays?

[via Deviantart]