Nokia N73 Rebirth is a Designer’s Way of Not Letting Go of the Past

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Nokia is entering a totally new stage of its life, being in cocoon phase right now, as it morphs into a 5G-powered butterfly. Hardware is the least of their concerns, but the future may involve a device that at least brings some memories back, like the Nokia N73 rebirth below.


Created by Deviantart member Daniscelus, this handset keeps the basic format of the device, especially at the back, while the front includes capacitive buttons with different color panels and backlight. Nokia N73 Rebirth has a metal trim, dual speakers at the bottom and a massive camera module. The front camera module is also pretty generous and while the old vibe is here, there’s also a hint of new, with some Fabula elements.

I tend to believe the rumors saying Nokia will commission their brand Chinese OEMs, so expect someone like Meizu to take it upon themselves to make the “next big thing” from Nokia. This means it will look nothing like the model above, be it bad or good.

[via Deviantart]

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