Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) Tablet Leaks, With New Galaxy Tab E Slate

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Leakster Evan Blass has leaked a new series of tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016), in the renders below, that also include the Galaxy Tab E (7.0) slate. The Galaxy Tab A 9.7 was a very solid device last year, with a very generous battery.

samsung galaxy tab a 2016 tablet

Tab A models are 4:3 units, while the Tab E adopt a 16:10 format, which is more video-friendly. The devices come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, a plastic chassis and slightly curved backs. The cameras can be neglected, the Home button is clicky and the Tab E has huge bezels and it’s rather portrait oriented, as shown in the render.

Tab A 2016 is not a bad looker, with narrower bezels and a format that’s narrower than the iPad Mini for example. Full HD resolution is expected, or perhaps it will keep the classic 1280 x 800 pixel res, although that feels dated right now. Expect prices less than $300 for Tab A and less than $250 or $200 for Tab E.

[via Tablet News]

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