Nokia N96, Beautiful and Strange Concept Phone


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What you can see above is one of last year’s speculations on how Nokia N96 will look like, through the work of a Photoshop artist spotted on Unwiredview. It’s even more interesting when we get to see the specs of this strange beauty, presumably coming out before the also rumored N99:

– 7.1 MP camera with 20x optical zoom
– Wi-Fi
– MP3
– Bluetooth plus various other connectivity options
– Live TV and HDTV support
– 8GB storage space
– 3″ display with VGA resolution

This concept phone is based on Symbian 9.5 and it’s a 8.5mm thick device, but its specs are more doable than you may think, since we’ve seen all of them (scattered) on other phones, but never in a single device. Any other feature you’d like in N95’s successor?

[Via unwiredview]