Multi-customizable Phone Is Worth $300


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We’ve heard about devices that could be used as mobile phones, GPS navigators, media players and remote controls before, but what about expanding the array of features? That’s exactly what the handheld piece of marvel above manages to do. Modu is its name and it may be a concept, but it’s even got a release date, October 1, at least for Russia, Italy and Israel. Find out more, by reading the rest of the entry.

Call this device a “barebones cellphone”, like the ones over at did and you wouldn’t be wrong, because this handheld can be used in numerous other ways than the standard one. Add a couple of “sleeves”/”jackets” to it, extra components and accesories and you’ll have a GPS or media player on your hands and not one incorporated in a phone, but rather a specialised device. Picture having a iPhone-like handset and swapping a couple of accessories in order to turn it into a Nokia Communicator-lookalike.

Back to the real world, the latest news regarding the Modu handset informs us about a price of about $300, which includes the device plus 2 jackets. There will be 10 such customizable components to toy with, when this beauty comes out.

[Via dvice]