Nvidia’s Concept Phone Challenges the iPhone at Mobile World Congress 2008

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Nvidia’s ready to rock the show over at Barcelona, challenging Apple’s iPhone with a concept device, that all of you smartphone fans will surely love. It features a superb user interface relying on the new APX 2500 chip, which will make its entrance on the cellphone market in 2009. See Nvidia’s concept phone at work in this video and check out the full article for the demo of the cellphone running this interface:


They’re got everything, from zooming to transparent overlays, even a Coverflow-style technology running at some point. Keep in mind that this is a big screen running the show, but the folks over at the MWC have claimed that images look THAT crisp on an actual cellphone too. Seems that Nvidia has been using a major thinking cap, by assembling this beauty in a few weeks, in order to have a handset to introduce at the MWC 2008 and promote its chip.

I guess it all comes down to what Nvidia’s Oscar Clark said “What this shows is the iPhone didn’t go far enough”. And here’s a genuine phone running the brand new interface with the aid of Nvidia’s chip:


Also, you’ll surely like to know that you can connect this cellphone to a plasma TV in order to check out some real HD graphics (720p H.264).

[via Tech Digest]