Nokia Nexus G Android Phone Gets Trailer, Created by Bob Freking (Video)

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We’ve seen one or two Nokia Android phones before, but it’s on rare occasions that we get to see a Nexus Nokia device. Here comes the Nokia Nexus G, that’s shown in the video below and also in the pics extracted from it. These are the creations of Bob Freking and we look forward to getting more detailed shots of the device.

Nokia Nexus G features a 21 megapixel Pureview camera with low light photography, image oversampling, LED and Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss technology. There’s also image stabilization and lossless zoom and inside the Nokia smartphone we find a 1.7 GHz quad core CPU and 4 GB of RAM. The device is available in black white and 4 Nexus colors. Upfront we’ve got a 4.8 inch IPS LCD PureMotion HD+ screen with 1080p resolution.

This Nokia Android phone runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and adopts a unibody polycarbonate casing, that’s ergonomic and very, very tough. To that we add Nokia Rich Recording and all the storage you can imagine, probably 128 GB. People can only dream of Google’s mobile OS on Nokia phones for now, but some of us, like Bob Freking are looking forward to the day when they say goodbye to Windows Phone.

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[Thanks Bob Freking]

  • Ist Nokia android thanx Bob Frenking. But this phone 4.8″ very short screen.
    We should become this Nokia android phone feature:
    4.5G LET, 3G, 2G Network available,
    6.3″ super edge to edge screen e.g- Galaxy Not III (must),
    5.1 android (Jelly Bean),
    21mp camera back and front 5mp comera for best vedio call,
    5500 mah Li-on bettery life with
    (sunrise charging),
    100GB Internal memory 150GB SD Card slot,
    3GB RAM ddr5,
    8 core proccecer,
    Doul sterio speaker with 3D sound (e.g- for Nokia N73), (must)
    Doul Sim card slot (must).
    Wi-Fi ond Bluetooth 5.5,
    Sterio FM Radio and TV,
    micro USB port 3.5,
    This feature Nokia android phone very
    must succesfull. It’s my believe. Thank you for Nokia android. Thanx Bob Freking.

  • truthy

    That has got to be the ugliest phone concept I’ve ever seen. rectangle inside an oval inside a rectangle with a notch.

    Also, Windows Phone may not be catching on as quickly as hoped, but it’s a better OS than android. Honestly.

  • It’s like a phone trapped in a rectangular block? What were you thinking when you designed this? Better yet were you even thinking? Your images and not renders are also flat like every concept you have submitted. You should put more thought into the designs rather than trying to do so many.