Nokia Nia Concept is a Robotic Communication Device

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Designer Sebastian Müller has caught a glimpse of the future, together with Nokia Research Center and created the Nokia Nia concept, a robotic communication device that’s very intuitive and handles all of your virtual interactions. Replacing your secretary, the device takes care of the user’s emails, text messages, calls and news.


Nokia Nia supports face recognition and provides services customized to its user’s needs, since it’s based on visual tags that increase the level of customization. This gadget will charge itself thanks to a “charging shelter”, but the main appeal of the concept is the ways you can interact with it: depending on your distance from the device, it’ll go from gesture control, to voice and touchscreen interaction.

When you enter touchscreen mode, you’ll be able to use this “robot” like a tablet PC. Nia is basically a hybrid between a robot, a PC, a phone and a RSS system.



[via Yanko Design]