Nokia Windows Phone 7 Handset Design Shown at MWC 2011?

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Nokia kicked off Mobile World Congress 2011 with anti-Android talks and confirmed that the Engadget-leaked Windows Phone 7 concept was real. Once again we saw some Nokia Microsoft phone designs, for you all to criticize or admire. Is this what we’re to expect from the Finns in the following months?

Honestly, these devices look like Samsung Corby units to me… Will they fail? Their specs better be good…

[via Engadget]

  • tiinachan

    It’s freakin sweet. It’s a whole new way to use your phone, where iPhone and Android are app based, Windows Phone is tile based, with “hubs” that have a bunch of information displayed on them without the need to open apps up. I have a Focus, and I love it. I’d never switch to an iPhone after owning this phone.

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  • nawaz