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PDA Flip Phone Features 3 Touch Displays

This device takes me back to an older concept, the Plica phone, that only had 2 touchscreens to boast with. However, the device pictured below and designed by Peter Kubik has no less than 3 screens, which can be considered parts of a larger single display. We’re dealing with a

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Long PDA Concept Reminds Me of the Intel Phone

Last year, during IDF 07 Intel showed the world its phone prototype powered by the Moorestown platform and we haven’t heard anything about it since. Now I stumbled upon a neat PDA concept that reminded me of Intel’s device. Designed by Shany Poulin, this PDA seems perfect for taking pictures

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Bi, the Handheld Personal Shopper

Got lost between your fancy car and the local shopping mall? The Bi comes into play here, a concept designed to work as a guide that uses GPS in order to show you the way around those expensive shops. Simon Enever is the designer of this original handheld and you

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Lenovo Ideapad U8, Beyond MID, PDA and GPS

Let’s guess! What features a 4.8 inch touchscreen, EDGE and 3G connectivity and a “bullseye” optical mouse? It might just be the best MID you’ve ever used, or Lenovo’s Ideapad U8, a device that’s got them all: PDA features, GPS, MID functionality and even manages to replace a notebook, at

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Vriend, Concept PDA for the Nurses

What made me check out this device was its colour, but the design’s also pretty interesting. We’re dealing with a concept PDA, called Vriend and designed by Jerin Wu, from Singapore. It was created as the perfect companion for nurses, helping them keep track of their patients and perform their

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