PDA Flip Phone Features 3 Touch Displays

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This device takes me back to an older concept, the Plica phone, that only had 2 touchscreens to boast with. However, the device pictured below and designed by Peter Kubik has no less than 3 screens, which can be considered parts of a larger single display.


We’re dealing with a concept PDA flip phone, that can extend its screen area once it’s open. The display supports both landscape and portrait modes and the user will be able to interact with a virtual QWERTY keyboard on the huge resulting screen. There’s also a small lever at the back, allowing you to sit the handset in vertical position, so you can watch live TV or movies on that hot display.

Peter Kubik’s concept Mobile Internet Device is perfect for web browsing, watching high def videos and will certainly be used as a phone or maybe even a tablet or mini-notebook.





[via Design Launches]