Consolor Portable Console Design, Created by Joseph Dumary

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen a brand new console design, so we can only say we’re enjoying Joseph Dumary’s creation, pictured below. We’re talking about the Consolor portable console concept, a HD system that fits in your pocket, supporting multitasking and multimedia features.

Consolor uses a cartridge (with a high speed and HD chip that eliminates loading times) and also supports Internet surfing, email services, television features and radio. There’s also an SD memory card slot on board, plus you can connect the console to your TV for photo/video viewing through a HDMI out port.

The “I+” button allows the user to see recent activities and documents on the console. Also, the same button will allow the user to access the settings menu, plus there’s a Media button with obvious purposes (including video editing, sending photos on Facebook and YouTube playback). 8 players can join in a game session via the Consolor, which is very neat and they can also exchange files via wireless.

This device uses an aluminium shell and glossy plastic on the surface. Its internal memory is a 500GB HDD, that somehow fits in there. We think it’s a great design, that would surely rival Nintendo’s new 3D DS.

[Thanks Joseph]


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