Consolor Portable Console Design, Created by Joseph Dumary

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen a brand new console design, so we can only say we’re enjoying Joseph Dumary’s creation, pictured below. We’re talking about the Consolor portable console concept, a HD system that fits in your pocket, supporting multitasking and multimedia features.

Consolor uses a cartridge (with a high speed and HD chip that eliminates loading times) and also supports Internet surfing, email services, television features and radio. There’s also an SD memory card slot on board, plus you can connect the console to your TV for photo/video viewing through a HDMI out port.

The “I+” button allows the user to see recent activities and documents on the console. Also, the same button will allow the user to access the settings menu, plus there’s a Media button with obvious purposes (including video editing, sending photos on Facebook and YouTube playback). 8 players can join in a game session via the Consolor, which is very neat and they can also exchange files via wireless.

This device uses an aluminium shell and glossy plastic on the surface. Its internal memory is a 500GB HDD, that somehow fits in there. We think it’s a great design, that would surely rival Nintendo’s new 3D DS.

[Thanks Joseph]

  • manue

    Waw..look very cool..

  • TareX


    1) A second analogue nub
    2) A bigger screen with less dead space
    3) Shoulder or back buttons

  • Dumary

    Yeah Tarex , you’re right.. but the shoulder buttons are there..just see the last pic..

  • kalipride

    i see this concept and pratically fall in love with it.i thank this artist knows something about ol’ school.people ain’t ready for change(look how we wear 80’s clothes).there’s nothin’ like the ol’ school.Sony tryna put mini cd on his console and we see the result.Nintendo beat them with its Cartbrige.the fact to put oldy cartbrige is eliminated loading time.Great Job Dumary.

  • Lesane parish crook

    CD is loosing weight.Cartbrige is the answer just like nintendo stick with it since they started.We all try to use shoulder buttons but we don’t really care about them .In the DSI shoulder buttoms are worthless.they are on the console just to take pictures.I think a console have to be unique with the design and everything.Dumary is probably a great designer with his own perception of the world of video games.5 stars for the boy.

  • kaltz

    you guys this guy named Dumary probably came from Apple group of designers.this console looks like an Apple next console.the design looks pretty.Amazing,simply amazing.

  • Amy

    500 GB internal memory…omg…that was unbelievable…btw I like everything about this…sending emails..browsing…watching videos..sending photos…video editing…but the only thing which I still feel missing was camera…it looks much good if a 3MP camera integrated to this…

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  • bradders

    where can i get one

  • Anonymous

    The name of the device. Please