Samsung WM Gaming Watch Goes Beyond Portable Consoles

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Ever since portable consoles were invented, they kept on shrinking and packing more features and innovative technologies like touchscreens, WiFi and more storage space. Now, it’s time for the console and watches to unite, thanks to Wilson Song’s concept: Samsung WM.


The device comes with earbuds and a pen that clips into the back panel of the console/watch. There’s also a giant display on board and a control system based on motion capture technology, plus a camera at the back, that checks out your thumbs and feet.

We also find out that the device can roll around the wrist, since it uses a flexible screen and we’re fascinated by the fact that you can control games on a watch by using your feet and hands. If this becomes real and we get to play GTA V on such a console, Sony and Nintendo are going to be history.





[via Yanko Design]