Curved Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept Features Youm Technology

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The folks of have come up with a new curved Samsung Galaxy S6 concept, that’s shown below. It’s supposed to use Youm technology and feature a curved screen. The handset is expected to run Android 5.5 or Android 6.0, or maybe even Tizen OS.

samsung galaxy s6 concept new

The camera could be an 18 or 20 MP unit and the design will be lighter and slimmer than the S5. A metal casing is also in the mix according to the designer and edge to edge display is pretty much a given here. Apparently, the diagonal will go up to 5.5 inches, which is kind of too big for a Galaxy S, more suited for a Note.

A fingerprint sensor should also be here, as well as 5G connectivity support, at least for the South Korean market, where tests of this tech have been carried out already. 4 GB of RAM and the next gen Snapdragon CPU round up the specs list, as well as up to 128 GB of internal storage. A 4000 mAh or even 5000 mAh battery is inside.

What do you make of this curved design? And is it just me or is the profile of the phone a bit like the Galaxy Nexus?

[via galaxys6now]

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