Curved Tablet Design is Actually a Flexible Smartphone

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Welcome to the Samsung Waview, an intriguing concept created by Li Wei and having at its center flexible LED screen technology. What’s really nice about this oversized smartphone or smaller tablet is that it can also be used as a lampshade when it doesn’t serve as a communication device.

The handset becomes not only a lampshade through its placement in a special cradle, but it also charges up through the same mechanism. Flexible LED phones are mere prototypes and concepts now, but the likes of Sony and Samsung are working hard to make them real. It will be cool to have a phone or tablet with a solid base area and a flexible display that you can expand to either handset size or slate size.

Samsung Waview is a pretty nice start for a future prototype, but its glass looks a bit too thick to be viable. A quick idea for specs: dual core 2GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 720p resolution, 8MP camera and maybe some 3D graphics thrown in just for fun. Would you dig such a device?

[via Yanko Design]