Sony Xperia Yu – Yet Another Render

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Esato board member Razec created another render of the Sony Xperia Yu concept phone, that you previously saw on our website. I have to remind you that is a 4 camera handset, with four 5 megapixel sensors used to create spectacular images. And here’s what the Xperia concept looks like at the front:

Sony Xperia Yu is an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, that also packs a programmable secondary touchscreen based on OLED technology. This one displays virtual buttons and much more info about the device plus shortcuts. The cameras at the back give a total resolution of 16 megapixels for great photo/video capture. As far as the front design of the Xperia Yu goes, we seem to be dealing with a relative of the Xperia Arc model, or at least so it looks to me.

Gone are the physical buttons, replaced with the virtual ones in Android 4.0 and I wonder what that rounded metallic area below the screen stands for…

[via Esato]