You Design the Samsung Galaxy S6! Just Submit Sketches and Idea and You’ll Get the Design!

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Designer Kiarash Kia wants to work on a new Samsung Galaxy S6 concept, but before he gets started, he’ll need your input on the matter. He wants to render a next gen device that’s truly something special. You can send him ideas or sketches right hereĀ  or post them in the comments section below.

samsung galaxy s6 design

The general outline of what he expects is shown above: a rectangular device, with rounded edges and a bezel-free approach. The physical Home button is kept, but we have no idea what else will be on board. Metallic edges? Double flexible edges with secondary screens? OIS camera at the back? Plastic removable cover again? Waterproof or not? Retina/iris scanner at the top? Snapdragon 810 CPU and 4 GB of RAM?

These are just some of the specs that the designer will surely encounter in the many submissions he’ll get. In the meantime, the design will most likely end up as a mashup between metal and plastic. What do you think and what do you expect?

[via Kiarash Kia]

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