Hasan Kaymak Teases Samsung Galaxy S6

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After creating a quite popular HTC One M9, Hasan Kaymak is now working on a Samsung Galaxy S6 render, that he teased in the image below. There’s no indication of what will come, so the following lines are pure speculation from a person who has seen tens of thousands of concepts.

samsung galaxy s6 teaser

First of all the device is shown in red, which is a flavour that Samsung doesn’t quite tackle on its models. It also has a pretty large glass panel upfront, that seems to expand on top of the entire surface. The Home button seems to have been replaced with two mere lines, that are probably there for the sake of fingerprint scanning and also to replace the physical Home button.

On the sides of the phone there’s a metal edge, but I won’t fall for it, since Samsung imitates metal usually on the edges and implements plastic in the end. My main interest here is the back camera design, the way the speakers are implemented and the materials used to craft the Samsung Galaxy S6 concept. Suggestions?

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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