Jermaine Smit Teases Futuristic Samsung Phone (Video)

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Jermaine Smit is at it again, working at something that may just be the Galaxy S concept phone of 2020. He only has a teaser for now, with more to come over the next days.

samsung see through concept phone

He calls this a futuristic device and didn’t reveal much about it, aside from the video teaser below. We seem to be dealing with a narrow smartphone, a transparent one, hence the “see through” teaser. Of course, we may be wrong, but this model looks interesting. There’s a centered front camera here and this looks like an edge to edge smartphone.

You know what I’d like? A transparent case phone that in some instances shows its internal components and then with a press of a button becomes completely translucent and components can’t be seen anymore. How cool is that?

[via Jermaine Smit]

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