#NotMyGalaxyS6! We’re Going Mean in 2015!

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OK, so after a series of articles where we were kind to designers who tried their best to design concept phones, we have arrived to 2015. This means we’ve got 7 years of experience, since this site has been around 2008. I guess it’s time to lay the cards on the table and call out the bad designs for what they are. Today we start with the Samsung Galaxy S6 concept shown below.

samsung galaxy s6 concept

First of all, what’s a speaker doing below the Home button? And why is the device so short, and buffed up? The volume buttons are round, sort of like amplified iPhone 5s volume keys. The UI also doesn’t make much sense and the placement of the Home button and capacitive keys is horrid. This feels like a Galaxy S6 Mini Mini… or maybe a Galaxy Core handset or some other lower end device.

The only real innovation here, if we can call if that is the fact we’re supposed to assume we bet curved side edges, curving from the screen. The 3D perspective of the image leaves a lot to be desired, so we can only guess that this was the intention of the designer. So, in the end, sorry this is #NotMyGalaxyS6!

[via galaxys6now.com]

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