Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Headphones Leaked in First Pictures

We’ve seen Samsung Galaxy S21 leaks aplenty, but the Galaxy Buds Pro headphones were just smoke and words till now. Luckily we have leakster extraordinaire Evan Blass, revealing their design in a fresh post on The new design is a bit unexpected.

Samsung seems like it’s admitting failure, since the Galaxy Buds Live and their bean-shaped form failed to catch on. The leak shows a design closer to the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus, rather than the Galaxy Buds Live. The charging case has a 500 mAh battery and the Buds are expected to provide ANC support. They also seem to have plugs for improved in ear insertion, which the Buds Live didn’t have. There’s a violet hue here, which we ma also find on the Galaxy S21 devices.

I expect an outer tactile area for input, improved microphones and a big dynamic driver. Fast charge wouldn’t hurt and we also probably have a new equalizer in the dedicated app. We keep hearing about future headphones with fitness or health features, but these don’t seem ready to play in that field. I’d say that seen from the outside, these Buds may look a bit like the Buds Live, but as a whole they’re closer to the 2019 models.

One thing that I’d love to see intact here is the SUPERB bass of the Buds Live, which was one of the best on the market.

via Evan Blass

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