Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Will Probably Look Like This… (Trailer)

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is definitely going to adopt a clamshell format, according to multiple leaks and spottings. Quite a few companies seem to have been inspired by Motorola and its Moto RAZR 2019, Samsung included. We even got to see a hands on photo of the new Galaxy Fold, but today we get a trailer and multiple renders courtesy of Waqar Khan.

I have to say that seeing these renders, the format is growing on me. One should also notice that Samsung is doing things differently compared to Motorola. They’re using a dual camera on the exterior and also a much smaller secondary screen for notifications and other such tasks. The hinge of the Galaxy Fold 2 manages to both borrow from the predecessor and at the same time and also cut its own path. It’s much smaller and narrower now.

The front camera of the device is cut in a punch hole like the Note 10, as expected. At least we got rid of the ugly notch from the Motorola RAZR 2019. I see we also get some color variation here, including the likes of yellow, blue, white, gray and black. For some reason these colors would automatically mean the device is more affordable and closer to midrange rather than high end. It’s also true that rumors mentioned a price tag of $850 for the device, so it all makes sense.

One big goal that Samsung has to achieve here is hide the crease of the screen better, if possible. They should also have hidden the screen protection better and capped the top and bottom of the hinge. When opened up the Galaxy Fold 2 becomes your run of the mill Galaxy A71 format-wise. I dig the design, even the colors, but my main problem is with the thickness of the device, which is quite exacerbated when it’s closed up.

via Waqar Khan

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