Samsung Galaxy S IV – “The Galaxy That Fits in Your Hand” by Bob Freking

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Since I guess you’re ready for Samsung Galaxy S 4, Bob Freking has prepared an interesting concept, a preview of what may come in 2013 as far as the Samsung flagship goes. What you see here is the Samsung Galaxy S IV design and my opinion is that this model borrows a bit from the Nokia N9 and a bit from the Samsung Galaxy S II, but that’s just me.

So, the Galaxy S IV comes with a 5 inch Super AMOLED 1080p screen according to Bob, plus onscreen buttons that make it more compact then the S III. The display is a Pentile one and the designer says that he tried to bring back the rectangular shape of the S II and cover it up with polycarbonate. The battery is now non removable and the Nature UX might make it to this version, although that’s not sure. The device will have an improved camera, as far as quality goes and the shooting speed will be 5 shots per second.

This is the way that Bob Freking predicts the future Galaxy S model of 2013 will look like. The phone is supposed to come in Dark Gray and White Polycarbonate shells. If you want figures and data, at the back there’s an 11.8 megapixel camera (F2.4), with BSI, Xenon Flash, 1080p HD Video and autofocus + anti shake. Under the hood there’s a 2500 mAh battery and other features include a 3.15MP camera, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Google Now S Voice customization and 9.3mm thin chassis. The CPU of choice is an Exynos 5 ARM 15 dual core unit, 5 times faster than the quad core Exynos. Dreamy?

[Thanks Bob Freking, as usual ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

  • Lord Vader

    WOW looks cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Chuck Norris

    I am Chuck Norris, and I approve this concept! Samsung You must make this but add SD Card.

  • Will

    i would imagine that the choice of processor will be Exynos 5450 Quad Core, Mali T658. The screen is correct at 5 inches, but could be 5.1 inch edge to edge 1080p display with 450 ppi. The os of choice will most likely be the Key Lime Pie with Google Now advanced even further with intelligent artificial assistant that talks back to you and makes recommendations without you touching the home screen button and can converse naturally, plus you have the choice of the improved S Voice. On screen buttons are a plus.

  • Bob

    i like the way you put ‘as usual’ =D

  • ashley

    The phone sounds extraordinary, but the design seems a little taken aback compared to the galaxy s III and sII.

  • what is the accurate release date of S4, and what will be its price in India.

  • Ian

    The specs seem legit. The phone, however, will look nothing like that.

    Many joked that the S3 was the first phone developed entirely by lawyers. It’s true, to an extent. The phone was specifically tailored to counter any look & feel patent, within reason, that Apple could pull out of their deck. The asymmetry also happens to look really cool. It’s a whole lot prettier than the s2.

    With so much litigation going on between Apple, the rest of the World, and Samsung in particular- the last thing the company would dream of doing is reverting to an iPhone-like appearance.

  • Navatar

    Why does it look like a 2nd Gen iPod Nano?

  • soul carter

    being a samsung fan galaxys4 are proven to be just to much for apple iphone the old whistles an bells are what lead me away from apple

  • Bob Cheney

    Hi Nice concept
    but why only 8mp camera
    like the polycarbonate frame
    5 inch screen will be great.
    Samsung just need to ditch Kies and get a better system to manage the phone.
    Could do with a bigger battery as it will be running some serious stuff on the phone
    could do with a a 2.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core CPU and Key Lime Pie for the OS

  • JW

    Samsung should not follow Apple iphone with non-removable battery and no micro SD memory card slot.
    This will be disastrous. As far as I know a lot of potential buyers will be put off. With S4, pls
    upgrade to twin speakers for music lovers

  • siddu bellad

    S 4 shuld
    * 4G/2600
    * 5G/2500
    * Nano sim
    * Dimensions thin 7.4 mm
    * Weight -110
    * Display super amoled full hd 1080 3D
    * Size 4.8″ or 5″
    * Pixels 350
    * Multitouch even more creative
    * Corning gorilla glass 3 even more high quality
    * Memory up to 128 GB
    * in bilt 32 or 64
    * 2GB or 3BG RoM
    * Speed 100 mbps dl even more speed
    * Camera 12MP even more impressive 3D
    * Front. Camera 3 or 4MP
    * Android. Os v4.2
    * CPU quad-core 1.8 or 2
    * GPU 550 MP
    * Water proof
    * Scartch proof
    * Leger. Keyborad
    * Holographic display
    * 3700mAh
    * wireless charger.

  • Thiboortious S

    King of the Smartest Phones…. Brilliant!