Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro Pictured in Live Shots For the First Time

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro is about a month and a week away from debut time, since it’ll be showcased on August 7th. Obviously there’s also a Note 10 coming and both of them have 4G and 5G versions. Today we get to see the first live picture of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro and finally we know where the selfie camera stands.

It’s dead center at the top side of the facade and I’m surprised it’s not a dual camera this time around. Perhaps we’ll get a dual one on the 5G model and this is the 4G one. There’s also a slight glimpse at the back side of the device, showing a triple camera, apparently, plus a fourth one also tucked in there, I’m sure. It sure looks and feels a lot like a Huawei, if I’m being honest.

I find it interesting that the source covers the lower part of the camera, where a surprise sensor may be placed. Maybe a square one for advanced zoom like the Huawei P30 Pro one? The device is even bigger than I expected and the bezels have been cut further. If you thought the OnePlus 7 Pro was huge, wait till you see this baby… I’m hearing 6.7-6.75 inches in diagonal for this one.

Specs include an Exynos and Snapdragon CPU that was also seen on the Galaxy S10, 8 or 12 GB of RAM and quad camera with an ultra wide cam, main cam, zoom cam and ToF sensor. The price definitely jumps past $1000.

[via SlashLeaks/TechtalkTV]

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