Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rendered in 3D by Phone Arena; Here’s What’s New!

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Samsung Galaxy S10 is barely out and now reaching stores and we’re already talking about the Galaxy Note 10. The device should pop up in August, but before that happens, we have a bunch of 3D renders of it, created by Phone Arena.

All credits go to Phone Arena, that’s why we posted so few renders and recommend you see them all at the source. The smartphone comes in new hues, in what appears to be a yellow and green matte hue. There’s also a cute pink/mauve that feels glossy and girly. Like it happens every year, the device borrows from the Galaxy S flagship of the year.

There’s the dual front camera cutout and a quad camera at the back. The screen now goes edge to edge and the smartphone is a bit more angular than the S10 and S10+. I can’t quite tell if there’s something new about the S Pen, since the design is the same, but it looks a bit bigger. Maybe Samsung finally makes the jump and gives us a metal stylus.

The fingerprint scanner is in the screen and I wouldn’t be surprised if 5G is available by default here. The back camera includes a 12 MP main cam, 12 MP telephoto cam, 16 MP wide angle shooter and a Time of Flight 3D camera. I’m very curious about the diagonal, since the Galaxy S10 5G is already huge, at 6.7 inches.

[via Phone Arena]

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