Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is Back From its Break With a New Design

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When 2013 ended we were swamped with Galaxy Note 4 concepts, but this past month has been all about the iPhones, Nexuses and Galaxy S5 renders. Today we spot a brand new Note 4 design, that’s shown below, courtesy of the guys at


We expect this phablet to come sometime this fall, packing as usual the best processor available on the market, be it Exynos or Snapdragon. I’m guessing that after Snapdragon 805 comes Snapdragon 900 or maybe Snapdragon 1000. Or maybe we’ll get to see a special 64 bit of the Snapdragon CPU, or even an octa core Snapdragon.


Well, speculations aside, this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 seems to be a very rectangular slab of metal/polycarbonate, with slightly rounded corners. There’s a brand new S Pen, that looks bigger than before and speaking of bigger, I’m willing to bet this phablet is a 6 incher with a 2K resolution, or maybe even 4K. The resolution based on tiles is kind of confusing for Android fans… what do you think?


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