Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Gets Envisioned With Edge to Edge Narrow Design

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I have seen a lot of rumors and leaks related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 over the past days, saying that we may get a 4K display and a dual edge version of the device. Today we get a new concept of this model, that’s shown below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept 1

We also learned that its diagonal may be somewhere around 5.7 or 5.8 inches and that this model will bring a narrower bezel and possibly use glass at the back, like the Galaxy S6. The render included here is pretty sexy, but the back side feels a bit strange, like it was copy/pasted from another model. The facade feels like a Galaxy S6 Edge without the curved edges, which is kind of nice, actually.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept 2

We’ve got even small bezels at the top and bottom this time and the bottom bezel features a physical Home button, as well as a capacitive Back button and Recents button. The thickness shown in the images is crazy, as it seems to be around 5 or 6 mm in waistline. There will be a fingerprint scanner on board, a new metal frame design, 4 GB of RAM inside and a new type of Exynos True 8 core CPU.

The back camera may jump to 20 MP, while the front camera from the Galaxy S6 is good enough here. What do you think of this concept Galaxy Note 5? Personally, I love the blue version!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 concept 6


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