Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Latest Press Renders Show All Color Versions, Iris Scanner in Action

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Today’s batch of leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 shots are all about the color choices and styli of the device. It’s shown in 3 color versions and this time we also get cozy with the stylus. The source of the leak also revealed a video showing the iris scanner in action.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 press render leak (1)

Interestingly, it appears that Samsung is saying you should keep at least 20 cm away from the camera when using the feature in order to prevent unwanted harmful effects. Babies aren’t allowed to use the system. Contact lenses are also a no go when you’re using the system. Now let’s talk about the design, well the back side (with curved edges) can be easily confused with the one of the Galaxy S7 and the stylus matches the color of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 press render leak (2)

It comes with the same clickable end and seems to keep the general format of the Note 7 pen. Color versions we know of are silver, gold and blue coral, but there’s also the black onyx model, that keeps leaking. I’m shocked that front side sensors aren’t more prominent, seeing how the iris scanner is supposed to work here.

Nothing major or totally new here, aside from the video below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 press render leak (3)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 press render leak (4)

[via Slashgear]

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