Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features In Display Fingerprint Scanner in This New Concept

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I was expecting someone to start rendering the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, since the Galaxy S9 is pretty much figured out already. As the rumors say, the future device will have an in display fingerprint scanner and that’s exactly what we’re getting here.

The creation of, this set of renders shows us basically a wider Galaxy S9 with a bigger screen to body ratio. There’s still a dual camera at the back, but there’s no longer a fingerprint scanner there. Also I find the two camera sensors kind of tiny and not exactly sexy looking for a Samsung model. This device format is actually the one that the teasers for the Note 8 promoted last year.

It’s all frame no bezels on the side and it can barely fit the sensors and front camera upfront, plus the earpiece. Somehow the back side of the phone feels metallic and a bit more angular than the curvy edges of the past two generations. The corners are rather abruptly sloped and the “Edge” now goes all the way to the back.

I feel this is pretty close to Samsung’s vision, but the glass must really be strong for such an achievement. Also, it’ll be impossible to make a proper screen protector… The fingerprint sensor in the display will surely happen, since Synaptics already launched it.


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