Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 192 MP Camera, 18 GB of RAM (Concept Video)

There are surprisingly many Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra concepts on the Internet, showing us that people may be bummed by the delay of the Note 21 Ultra (till 2022) or by the S21 Ultra design. Today’s render comes from YouTube channel PEACOCK, who envisioned a powerhouse of a phone, good for gaming and productivity.

The camera is next level, at 192 megapixels and we also get a Snapdragon 888 processor, 18 GB of RAM and stylus support. The screen is actually smaller than both predecessors, at 6.7 inches and adopts a Dynamic AMOLED 4X panel with generous 160 Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ support. The battery is truly huge at 6000 mAh and we’re running on a brand new One UI, even though the designer mentions One UI 3.0. The device has fast wireless charging, hopefully above 50W.

The stylus seen in the video below is a bit different compared to the current S-Pens. It also integrates a camera and somehow Samsung found a way to include a slot for it, thus making the Galaxy S22 Ultra wider. Its back side feels like the Oppo X 2021, int he way the two parts are combined. The yellow version feels like a throwback to the OnePlus McLaren or the new Realme GT phone and would look great in a leather-ceramic combo. I have a bit of a problem with the placement of the back cameras.

If you have OCD, the lack of a pattern will bother you as well. They feel scattered, thrown like dice, asymmetrical to the extreme. Also, 3 are similar, one has a ring around it and the fifth is a square, a periscopic camera. In some of the renders, the stylus looks too big for the device to hold. Well, at least the camera module no longer protrudes…


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