Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Gets Elegant Titanium Design

We’re back with a brand new concept phone, but its identity feels familiar. I’m talking about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, that comes with an elegant titanium design and it’s the creation of designer 4RMD.

The designer sees the camera area as simpler and it also appears to me that the camera rings are now larger. The handset has slightly curved edges and an elegant titanium design. It comes with a flat display, a new camera look and the famous S-Pen. Available in 4 colors, the device comes in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Purple and Gold.

There are also exclusive colorways: green and deep red. The screen has gotten larger, at 6.9 inches and we also have thinner bezels, plus a jump in refresh rate, from 120 Hz to 144 Hz. There’s also an under display camera, adopting the same tech as the Galaxy Z Fold devices. The camera includes a 50 megapixel telephoto lens, meant for 5X optical zoom, as a companion to the 10X optical zoom periscope camera.

By the way, said periscope camera has 10X optical zoom and 120X digital zoom. Performance-wise, we have at the helm a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, coupled with 16 GB of RAM and a big battery, with a 5500 mAh capacity. This looks like a pretty legit prediction for the future of the Galaxy S series, so 4RMD did a fine job. Not sure about all the curves, though.

Even a launch date and a price were dropped: $1199.

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